INDUSTRIALSolar Power Generation System for Industrial Use

Supporting Infrastructure with Renewable Energy

Creating clean renewable energy and supporting life-line infrastructures during disasters and the realization of a low-carbon society.

Introducing Clean Energy

In this day and age of environmental issues, such as global warming and unusual weather patterns, transition to alternative energy has been rapidly gaining momentum following the earthquake, and it has become unavoidable for businesses and public facilities to disregard the important topic of adopting and implementing clean energy sources.As a representative clean energy source, solar power can continue to provide electricity with its automatic daytime operation features – even during disaster situations where the energy companies are unable to provide power – and thus enable usage of electricity through power generated by the solar panels.

By converting the (AC) electricity generated by the solar panels into DC with the power conditioner, it can be used for indoor electrical equipment such as air conditioning and lighting, etc.
In case the power generated exceeds the electricity consumption in the facility, the surplus amount can be sold to an energy company. In addition, when there is a lack of generated electricity or at night time, you can have power conventionally supplied by the energy company. Through a combination with an energy storage facility, it is possible to design a system suited for both disasters or night situations.