GRID INC. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has strived to establish and conduct information management to the fullest extent possible. It considers information protection to be a basic corporate activity and assumes an important social responsibility to appropriately handle and conduct security control of information. To fulfill this responsibility, the Company has established Information Security Basic Policy. All officers and employees of the Company shall endeavor to understand the content of this Basic Policy and to at all times appropriately handle, store, protect, and maintain information with a high sense of ethics and responsibility.

  1. When acquiring personal information and specific personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”), the Company will clearly specify the purpose and extent of use and obtain the consent of the individual concerned in advance in order to appropriately acquire the information. It will appropriately use, provide, store, and entrust management of all Personal Information acquired by it and all Personal Information deposited with it by its customers only within the purpose and extent of use to which consent is given. When the purpose of use has been achieved, it will appropriately dispose of or return the information.
  2. The Company will comply with laws and regulations, guidelines, and any other rules established by the government concerning the handling of Personal Information.
  3. The Company will store Personal Information handled by it under strict management. For leaks, loss, or damage of Personal Information handled by it, the Company will take appropriate preventive and corrective measures.
  4. The Company will establish a contact point for complaints and inquiries from concerned individuals regarding Personal Information handled by it and will respond to them appropriately.
  5. For the protection and appropriate management of all Personal Information used for its business, the Company will establish an information security and personal information protection management system and ensure that its officers and employees become aware of and follow the system. It will also periodically review and continuously improve the system.

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