The REC solar panel, with its long-term reliability in quality and stable power output, is the perfect solution in building a solar power generating system. With high-quality design and strict manufacturing standards, REC is manufacturing high-performance solar modules with proudly uncompromising quality.

REC TwinPeak Series

The REC TwinPeak series of products combines an innovative layout and various cell technologies in addition to utilizing polycrystalline silicon cells to enhance its output by up to 290Wp.By combining new technologies, when compared to our standard REC peak energy series of solar panels, TwinPeak series have successfully achieved increased power output per panel of up to 10Wp.

REC TwinPeak with Series2 Features

Feature 1Half-Cut Cell

Laser-cut polycrystalline silicon cells reduce the internal resistance per cell,providing enhanced output and efficiency, in addition to higher reliability.

Feature 25 Busbars

Achieves improved efficiencies in electron current flow and conversion, in addition to reducing cell resistance by reducing electron transfer distance.

Feature 3Split Junction Box

A 3-unit junction box makes an innovative layout possible, in addition to achieving higher power generation and improving reliability by reducing overheating.

Feature 4PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell)

New generation cell technology that improves efficiency by employing a mirror-like light reflecting architecture for a wider range of light reception.


Product Name
REC Twin Peak 2
Solar Panel 290W
Maximum Output
290.0 W
Maximum Output Operating Voltage
32.1 V
Maximum Output Operating Current
9.05 A
Open Circuit Voltage
38.8 V
Short Circuit Current
9.58 A
Module Conversion Efficiency
17.4 %
18 kg
1,675 x 997 x 38 mm

REC Peak Energy Series Features

Feature 125 year linear power output warranty

  • ・1st year output guarantee: nominal output value of 97%
  • ・9.7% output degradation per year from the 2nd to the 25th year
  • ・90% output guarantee after 10 years
  • ・80.2% output guarantee after 25 years

Feature 2A design pursuing toughness and durability

  • ・Certificated load-bearing function
    – Mechanical Load: 5,400Pa (Europe and America, APAC)
    – Design Load: 3,600Pa (Europe and America, APAC)
  • ・Frost-prevention frame
  • ・Product Warranty: 10 years

Feature 3Energy Payback Time: 1 Year

  • ・Eco-friendly product
  • ・Shortened energy payback time due to effective silicon ingot manufacturing, thin silicon wafers and highly efficient solar cells and modules.

Feature 4Effective in all possible lighting conditions

  • ・Anti-reflection film made possible by REC’s windshield texturing technology, contributes to improving output in various conditions, including direct sunlight as well as sunrise and sunset, and in low light conditions (ex. overcast conditions).
  • ・We have developed a solar cell module capable of accommodating any solar conditions by combining both REC’s solar cell surface and the previously mentioned windshield texturing technology.

Feature 5High-output performance per area

  • ・Highly efficient solar cells
    – We were able to further improve current and output values of REC’s solar cells which are composed of 3 busbars per panel by adopting surface area texturing, PERC and new finger electrodes.
  • ・Effective windscreen design
    – Optimizing cell operating temperatures and solar permeability through the use of 3.2mm thick solar glass.


Product Name
REC Peak Energy 2S MONO
Solar Panel
Maximum Output
250.0 W
Maximum Output Operating Voltage
27.3 V
Maximum Output Operating Current
9.16 A
Open Circuit Voltage
33.3 V
Short Circuit Current
9.9 A
Module Conversion Efficiency
Panel Conversion Efficiency: 17.8%
Intrinsic Conversion Efficiency: 20.4%
15 kg
1673 x 841 x 30 mm